L. R. B.

The night-shifter’s survival guide

Mostly because of work, I have fallen into freakish, nocturnal sleep habits. I love the night life, but admittedly it isn’t entirely biologically natural. These are some tips I’ve found to perform to a high standard on the graveyard shift, while still preserving my sanity and humanity while off-duty. Read on…


But where am I to locate¬†an adequate supply of¬†hartshorn to distil into an inhalant worthy of the honourable Conklin pedigree when the guv’nor’s jackboots have confiscated our firearms


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How to wish on 11:11 for pleasure and benefit

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting, in the grand tradition of modern clickbait, that all this is one great trick that everyone must add to their routines right now for self-improvement. Furthermore: I can’t promise that I’m the first to think of using 11:11 as a semi-serious tool for introspection. I’m also not claiming to have invented prayer, wishing, mindfulness, or meditation. This reading ain’t Vaguely-Spiritual Christopher Columbus Hour.

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Look at these geese